Apply for a building warrant

Progressing a building warrant application

Acknowledging receipt

Once we have received and registered your building warrant application, we will write to acknowledge receipt and:

  • give you a unique reference number for your application,
  • confirm details have been recorded on the Building Standards Register, and
  • give a target date for a first response to your application.

Case surveyor

Your application is allocated to a case surveyor, who looks after your application from start to finish. Contact information for your case surveyor is on all correspondence we issue.

Checks on your building warrant application

Your application will be checked to ensure it:

  • contains enough information about the proposed design and construction,
  • complies with the Building Regulations,
  • complies with relevant local and regional policies,
  • includes suitable supporting information, including certification, and
  • contains enough information to undertake inspections on site.

We will also undertake internal and external consultations, as advised by the Building Regulations.

First response

Following the initial assessment of your building warrant application, 2 outcomes are possible:

  • If your application fully complies with the Building Regulations, we will issue a building warrant.
  • If your application needs revisions, the case surveyor will issue a first report detailing all the outstanding points to you or to your agent.

Please note that most building warrant applications receive a first report.


If you or your agent's response to our first report requires further revisions, the case surveyor will issue an additional report. This process continues until the work in your application is shown to fully comply with the Building Regulations, or the application is refused.

Refusal of a building warrant application

If a building warrant application has not been granted within 9 months of the date of the first report, it will automatically be deemed refused unless otherwise agreed.

We will inform you in writing if we intend to refuse your application. A fresh application and fee are necessary if the application is refused.