How to submit electronic documents on the eBuilding Standards portal

How to create a proposal and add a blank form

These are guidance notes for submitting on the online portal.

1. Log in using your account details.

2. Select the 'eBuilding Standards.Scot' link on the left.

Select ebuilding standards link

3. Click on 'New Proposal'.

Click on new proposal

4. Under 'Address Search', insert your postcode and press 'Postcode Search'. You can also search by address.

Insert postcode

5. Select your address from the list (you may have to go to another results page to find it).

Select your address

Then press the 'Confirm Address' button.

Confirm your local authority by pressing the 'Next' button.

6. Add a 'Proposal Name' that you will recognise later.

Add a short description to the 'Proposal Details' box. Then press the 'Confirm Details' button.

Add a proposal name and details

7. Pick 'Select forms from a list', then press the 'Select' button.

Select forms from a list

8. The forms you are likely to need are:

  1. Notice Regarding Start of Work - when the work starts.
  2. Additional Supporting Documents - as the work progresses on site.
  3. Application to Extend Period of Validity of Building Warrant
  4. Application for Temporary Occupation or Use
  5. Completion Certificate - when all the work is completed.

Select the form you need from the list, then press the 'Add Forms' button.

Add the form you need

9. If all is correct, press the 'Create Proposal' button.

create proposal

10. You will now see your Proposal summary with the blank form you selected added under 'Draft Forms'.

Pproposal summary