How to submit electronic documents on the eBuilding Standards portal

Complete a Notice Regarding Start of Work

These are guidance notes for submitting on the online portal.

1. To add a blank 'Notice Regarding Start of Work' form:

2. Under 'Draft Forms', select 'Notice Regarding Start of Work'.

Select notice regarding start of work

3. To begin the 'Notice Regarding Start of Works', select 'Main Details'.

Select main details

4. Answer the questions for the 4 sections 'Main Details', 'Supporting Documentation', 'Email Notification' and 'Declaration'.

Helpful hints:

  1. You will need to know your Building Warrant reference number, which looks something like 18/00999/BDAL. You can find your Building Warrant Reference number on your Building Warrant.

  2. The Duly Authorised Agent (if you had one) is the person who drew up your plans and submitted your Building Warrant application.

  3. No Supporting Documents are usually required with your Start of Work Notice.

5. When you have completed the 4 sections, you will see 4 green ticks. Press the 'Next' button.

Complete four green ticks

6. You are now ready to send in your application. Select 'I Accept' and then 'Submit'.

Select I accept and submit

7. You will now see a 'Success! Your Notice Regarding Start of Work has been submitted'.

You will also receive an email from advising that your proposal has been sent to Midlothian Council.


8. Select 'Back to Proposal Summary' and you will see your 'Notice Regarding Start of Work' listed under 'Submitted Forms'.

Back to proposal