Organising an event

Event licences

You must have all relevant licences and permissions in place before a public event. We recommend you apply for licences as early as possible. This should be at least 12 weeks before the event.

Before you start planning your event, think about what may be needed. Here are the most common licences required for public events:

Event licences
Licence Required if...
Public Entertainment Licence Premises or location is used for public entertainment, i.e. where the public is admitted or may use any facilities for entertainment. Important: read about road closures, traffic controls and signage.
Occasional Licence You sell alcohol from unlicensed premises or other location.
Street Trader's Licence Anyone (age 17+) sells articles or services in a public place. Not required if you hold a Market Operator's or Public Entertainment Licence.
Market Operator's Licence Putting on a private market, e.g. farmers' market with more than one seller.
Cinema Licence You plan to show films more than 6 times a year. Public Entertainment Licence also required.
Public Charitable Collection Licence There are any charity collections in a public place.

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