Development plans and policies

The current development plan for Midlothian

The current development plan for Midlothian is made up of two plans:

  • The Midlothian Local Plan, approved in 2008.
  • The Strategic Development Plan (SDP) for Edinburgh and South-East Scotland, which was approved in 2013.

Both documents are under review.

What is the Midlothian Local Plan?

The 2008 Midlothian Local Plan sets out the detailed policies used to determine planning applications in Midlothian. Issues dealt with by this plan include broad designations such as Green Belts, detailed design policies and specific site allocations, such as for housing.

Download the 2008 Midlothian Local Plan (PDF)

Policies relating to specific areas or locations within Midlothian are are mapped out on this interactive map.

View the 2008 Midlothian Local Plan policy map

What is the Strategic Development Plan?

The Strategic Development Plan sets the strategic policy framework and development strategy for growth and environmental protection in this part of Scotland to 2032. The plan is currently under review.

The plan is produced by Strategic Development Planning Authority for Edinburgh and South East Scotland, otherwise known as SESplan. It covers 6 local authority areas, including Midlothian, Edinburgh, East Lothian , Fife, Scottish Borders and West Lothian.

Full details of the current Strategic Develoment plan, its review and current status are on the SESplan website.

Visit the SESplan website

While the plan sets the overall housing target for the 6 local authorities, it does not include housing targets for each Council in the SDP area. These are included in the housing land supplementary guidance.

View the SESplan housing land supplementary guidance