Midlothian’s Young People Awards 2020

Due to the pandemic, the 2020 Awards are postponed.

MYPA 2019 winners and runners up at Penicuik House Midlothian’s Young People Awards 2019 winners and runners up at Penicuik House, with the Lord Lieutenant, Sir Robert M Clerk Bt OBE

Celebrate our amazing young people!

Midlothian’s Young People Awards recognise and celebrate the achievements of young people in our community.

The Award categories

Before nominating someone, please read about the categories. There are five categories, reflecting various activities that benefit Midlothian.

Caring and Volunteering

To recognise young people who volunteer in caring activities within Midlothian. This includes those who:

  • care for or help a relative, neighbour or friend in need
  • volunteer for a local charity supporting children, disadvantaged or older people
  • raise money for charities supporting people in need in the local and wider community.

Local Community Award

Making a difference to a town, village or local area. This involves:

  • a strong commitment to nature, conservation, history or an environmental project
  • or supporting a youth group as a leader or volunteer
  • or raising money for a community organisation.

Sport and Physical Activity Award

Success and/or outstanding improvement or achievement in:

  • an individual or team sport, or physical activity
  • or dedication to training
  • or coaching a youth team, or developing them in their particular activity
  • or overcoming personal barriers to achievement.

The Arts and Culture Award

Outstanding achievement:

  • in performance, visual arts, music, singing, dance, creative arts and media
  • or overcoming personal barriers to achievement in the arts
  • or supporting/leading an arts group
  • or demonstrating an outstanding commitment to promoting the arts.

Achievement in Learning Award

To recognise young people in education (school, college, youth work, training etc.) who show commitment to developing skills for work, and care about the future of young people in Midlothian.

The Midlothian Prize

One nominee will be chosen in recognition of their outstanding contribution to Midlothian as a whole.


How to nominate someone