Community Asset Transfer

Community Asset Transfer is the transfer of responsibility for an asset from the Council to a community group or organisation.

Part 5 of The Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 sets out the key rights and duties, and provides a framework for the Asset Transfer process.

Before you make a formal transfer request

Preparing a business case for a formal Asset Transfer Request can be a big task. To save you time and effort, we use a form to assess whether a potential formal request is likely to succeed.

  1. Read the Scottish Government guidelines
  2. Check the Asset Transfer Model Documents
  3. Read our FAQs (PDF)
  4. Midlothian Support for Community Asset Transfer
  5. Check the Community Ownership Support Service website
  6. Complete the form to express an interest in Community Asset Transfer

Ready to make a formal asset transfer request?

  1. Complete this form (Word)
  2. Contact the Communities Lifelong Learning and Employability team

Community asset map

Community asset map, showing Midlothian Community Council districts

Use this map to:

  • return the details for a specific property.
  • list the properties in your area.
  • view any location within the council by specifying an address or postcode.
  • view data at a glance, zoom and move around the map, or see the council as a whole.

The information is compiled from the properties on the council's valuation list. It excludes social accommodation and commercially leased properties.

Current asset transfer requests

Concluded asset transfer requests

Contract not concluded


Annual report