Assisted waste collection

If you have difficulty moving your wheelie bins and there is no one to help you, we can offer an "assisted collection". 

We will collect your bins, empty them, and then put them back.

To apply for this service you must:

  • permanently live at the property
  • have no one else at the property (aged 12 or over) who could put the bins out for you.

Terms and conditions

  • We only offer this service if there is no one living with you who can move your bins.
  • We will agree with you where on your property to collect the bins from. This must be fully accessible, e.g. not blocked by cars or left behind locked gates.
  • You may need to change where you keep your bins, e.g. from your back garden to your front garden, closer to your gate, or move from a bin to a sack collection.
  • The path from the bin to the collection vehicle must be a solid surface (e.g. paved or other hardstanding), free of vegetation, with no obstacles. If paths are icy or blocked by snow, it may not be possible to enter your property to collect your bins.
  • Collection staff will not enter a garden where a dog is present.
  • As you authorise us to enter private property, we accept no liability for loss or damage to plants, landscaping or ornaments, unless collection crews can be shown to have acted in an unreasonable manner. Crews are not authorised to enter your home.
  • You must tell us of any changes in your circumstances that mean you no longer meet the requirements for an assisted collection.
  • We assess each application individually, but reserve the right to refuse or withdraw the service at any time if:
    • The application does not meet our eligibility criteria. 
    • We identify a change in circumstances that means you or your household no longer meet the eligibility requirements.
  • We keep a list of all households needing assisted collections. We update it regularly so crews only undertake the appropriate collections. We may contact you periodically to assess your ongoing need for the service.
  • We will write to you telling you if we have approved your application, and if so, when your service will begin.


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