Apply for free school meals and clothing grant

  • You can apply once per academic year for one child or more.
  • You must include all the information we ask for, or your claim will be delayed.

Important: before you begin

We need evidence of some benefits that you may receive. Please have these documents ready:

We will ask for details of the bank or building society account you would like us to pay into. (Unfortunately we cannot pay into a Post Office account.)

Paper documents we may need

If a document we need for your claim is on paper, you can easily upload a photo to the form using a phone or tablet:

  1. Take a photo of the document on your device camera.
  2. Make sure it's legible on your screen. Crop it (if needed) and save to your photos on the device.
  3. Start completing the form on the device.
  4. The document upload button will give an option to access your photos. You can upload the image from here.

To apply


  • select 'Begin this form' (below). You don't need to sign in, as long as you complete each page in less than 10 minutes.
  • or register and sign in with myaccount. If you are signed in, the form will save and you can finish it later. Your contact details will be already filled in.