Missing or damaged bin

New or replacement bin

Usually we aim to repair or replace within 10-14 working days.
Uplifting unwanted bins may take 14-21 days.

Request new or replacement bin

Repair or replace

  • We will check your bin's condition.
  • Where possible we will try to fix your bin before we replace it.
  • We can only replace or repair lid hinges or wheels/wheel spindles at the kerbside.
  • Damage to other parts of your bin mean the bin needs to be returned to the depot for repair. Please request a new one.
  • We cannot repair a glass collection box or a food waste caddy. Please request a new one.
  • To support the Climate Emergency, we reuse bins where possible. Any replacement bin may not be brand new, but it will be clean.
  • Any bins damaged beyond repair are sent for "end-of-life" recycling.

Damaged bins/containers

  • We will not leave you a new bin unless we can remove your damaged bin.
  • To allow us to replace your bin, your damaged bin must be left visible and accessible.
  • Leave your damaged bin at the kerbside, or your bin collection point. If this is not possible, leave the bin as close as possible to your gate or driveway.
  • If you would like us to remove your damaged glass box or food waste caddy, leave it where we can easily find it. This does not need to be at the kerbside, but it must easily visible and accessible, for example, not left behind locked gates or parked cars.
  • If we need to enter your garden to remove your broken bin/container, we are not liable for loss or damage to plants, landscaping or ornaments.
  • We cannot remove individual bins within communal bin stores.

New build

  • Please order your bins once you have moved into your new home.
  • To help us deliver your bins, please ensure we can easily identify your property. You can do this by displaying your house number and street name in your front window.
  • We may ask you to confirm receipt of your new bins.

Remove an unused bin

  • We can removed bins that are unused or no longer required.
  • As we prioritise bin delivery over bin removal, we aim to collect unwanted bins within 21 working days.
  • Request a bin removal

Pick up from recycling centre

  • Food waste caddies and glass collection boxes can be collected from your local recycling centre.
  • Please ask site staff and show proof of residency.

Brown bins

  • If you do not have a brown bin, please sign up and pay for the service before using this form.
  • Wait at least 24 hours for your payment to be processed before requesting a new/replacement brown bin.
  • We will deliver new or replacement bins to subscribing customers from February to mid-November each year.

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