Blue bin

Blue recycling binYour blue bin is for dry mixed recycling. Leave it at the kerbside by 06:30 on your collection day.

We need your help to ensure we collect good quality materials for recycling.

  • Empty any liquid from bottles and cartons and give them a quick rinse before recycling.
  • Rinse food packaging to remove food residue
  • Keep cardboard and paper dry
  • Place all items directly into your bin – do not use plastic bags
  • Do not put food wasteclothes/shoes or electrical items in your blue bin. They cannot be recycled as part of this service.

Why do I need to empty and rinse containers?
If you empty and rinse bottles, cans and plastic containers you remove food or drink residue which can spoil other items in your blue bin, like paper and cardboard. Fewer spoiled items means more is recycled, and less is sent to landfill.

Aren’t bottles and tubs washed at the recycling factory?
Yes, but putting dirty containers in your blue bin means other materials such as paper and card can get covered in liquid or food waste. This means they can’t be recycled. Dirty items cost Midlothian Council, and therefore you as a Council Tax payer, more to dispose of.

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