Putting your waste/recycling out for collection

Contact us if you need help putting out your bins.

So we can empty your bin, we need you to:

...ensure all waste fits in your bin and the lid closes fully.
This stops rubbish falling out, and means we can lift the bin onto the lorry safely. If the lid can't close with gentle hand pressure, it's overfilled. Don't secure a bungee cord or other attachment to any part of your bin.

...put your bin where your property meets the pavement, footpath or road - or in your designated collection area.
Bins should be clearly visible with no obstruction or hazard to pedestrians or road users. Ideally place bin handles facing the road. Park so you're not blocking access for our vehicles. 

...put your bin out by 6:30am on the day of your collection. 
Find out the collection day for your street. Then take it back to where you store it as soon as you can after it's emptied. Please aim to do this by the end of the collection day.

...only put the correct materials in each bin.
This ensures the recycling we collect is good quality and reduces our costs. What to put in each type of bin:

...keep your bin clean.
And report any loss or damage so we can repair or replace it. 

...not put extra waste on or around your bin.
We need safe, easy access to your bin. Manual handling of waste has risks such as needle stick injuries. We won't collect additional waste or bags.

...not compact the waste in your bin.
Compacted waste may not come out of the bin when it's tipped. If this happens, you must loosen it before your next collection.

...not overload your bin.
An overweight bin is one that can't be safely moved by one person, or safely lifted by the mechanism on the lorry. Remove heavy items or material to let us empty it at the next collection.

Missed bins

If you have followed the instructions above and we have not emptied your bin, let us know.

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