Putting your waste/recycling out for collection

We could spend another £90k on services if everyone recycled properly

Contact us if you need help putting out your bins.


  • Make sure the lid of your bin closes properly. If a bin is overfilled, we may not collect it.
  • Don't put any waste next to your bin: we will not pick this up. Take items that won't fit in your bin to a Recycling Centre, or request a bulky uplift.
  • Don't put heavy material like soil or rubble in your bin. It's not safe for us to lift heavy bins. Take it to a Recycling Centre.
  • Do not secure the lid of your bin with a bungee cord or any other attachment.

When to put out your bins

Collections begin at 6:30am. Put out your bins and boxes by then to ensure they're collected.

Find out the bin collection day for your street

What to put in each type of bin

Where to put your bins for collection

Put your bins where your property meets the pavement, footpath or road (or in your designated bin collection area).


Special types of waste

Clinical waste

We do not collect household or commercial clinical waste. For help with collection and disposal, contact the healthcare professional in charge of your treatment.

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