Reusable items at Stobhill Recycling Centre

Recycling opportunity for community partners

We are looking for community partners to collect items suitable for reuse from Stobhill Recycling Centre.

Examples of community partners could be:

  •  a reuse organisation looking for furniture for refurbishment or resale
  • a charity group looking for household bric-a-brac
  • a community group who just requires timber

If you think your non-profit organisation may be suitable we want to hear from you.

Submit an Expression of Interest

Please contact us to discuss your proposal as we may already have an outlet for the type of material you'd like to collect.

Tell us the type of waste you want, any specification with regard to size, quantity or quality, and how you would intend to collect it.

Read the Scope of Services document then complete and return your response:

Please return to:

More information

For an informal discussion on your intention to express an interest please contact our Community Waste Officer:

Due to the limits on the size of the Recycling Centre at Penicuik, no reuse facility can be offered at this location at this time.

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