Deposit Return Scheme

On 25 April 2024, the UK Government announced that from October 2027, a returnable deposit is to be placed on plastic and metal drink containers.

  • When you buy a drink, you will pay a deposit.
  • You will get the deposit back when you return the empty drinks bottle or can.
  • You would return the container to a participating retailer or Reverse Vending Point.

 At this time:

  • There are no details as to the value of the deposit.
  • Glass bottles are excluded from the scheme.

What this means for your existing recycling collection

You can still recycle bottles and cans in your blue bin but you won’t get your deposit back for the ones covered by the scheme.

Remember: empty and rinse containers to remove residue.

What's included and what isn't

Included in the scheme
Metal All steel and aluminium drink cans.
Plastic PET bottles (most waters and fizzy drinks).
Not included (continue recycling)
Glass All jars, drink bottles and other glass packaging such as ketchup and sauce bottles.
Metal Food cans, such as soup and baked bean tins.
Plastic HDPE bottles, such as milk and probiotic yoghurt bottles.
All other bottles, such as for shampoo and cleansing products.

Will the council claim the deposit back instead?

If you put a plastic bottle or drink can in your blue bin, we will work with our processor to identify scheme containers and return them to the Deposit Management Organisation.

Wasn't the scheme meant to be introduced earlier?

Yes. On 18 April 2021, the Scottish Government announced an extension to the implementation date to March 2023 to address some concerns held by small businesses.

On 8 June 2023, the Scottish Government announced a further delay to the implementation to allow the scheme to align with the rest of the UK.

More information

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