Bulky uplifts

Kerbside collections of bulky household waste

Uplift charges

Bulky uplifts cost £27 for up to 7 household items, and from £27 for fridges and freezers.

Our service

We can collect furniture and other household items that are too big to fit into your wheeled bins.

Before you book your uplift, consider whether your items could be used by someone else. Local companies may offer a free collection of beds, sofas, tables, chairs and bikes in good condition. They will only collect items suitable for re-sale, so collection is not guaranteed.

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Items we do not collect

  • Asbestos. Please use business directories to find a company to deal with this.
  • Waste from work done on your property by gardeners, builders and other commercial contractors.

The items below should go to a Household Waste Recycling Centre:

  • Soil or turf (Stobhill only)
  • Oil (Stobhill only)
  • Paint. (Stobhill only. Please ensure paint has dried out in the can)
  • Fire extinguishers.


  • Item must be presented at by 6.30am on the date of collection. This is usually the place where you put your grey bin out for collection.
  • All items must be easily accessible to our collection crews. We cannot collect items from between parked cars or from communal bin stores.
  • If you have received delivery of an item or appliance, and cannot lift/move the item yourself, ask the delivery crew to present items on the kerbside on your behalf.
  • If you are registered with our 'assisted collection' service, leave your items as close as possible to your gate or driveway. We cannot enter a house to collect items.
  • If you are registered to receive an assisted collection and authorise us to collect items from your garden, we accept no liability for loss or damage to plants, landscaping or ornaments.
  • Appliances should be empty and the door taped shut.
  • If you are not able to move/lift items yourself, consider if a house clearance company may be able to offer a more suitable solution. If you are paying someone to dispose of waste on your behalf, you must ensure that they hold a Waste Carrier's Licence. It is you and your contractor's responsibility to ensure waste is taken to an appropriate licensed site. Please check and ask your contractor where the waste will be taken to.

Request an uplift

Request a bulky uplift

Please read the terms and conditions.

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