Waste education

Our Waste Aware Officer is available to provide a wide range of advice, guidance and support on waste, waste minimisation and recycling.

We cannot currently visit your group but are available to meet you online.

Contact Waste Aware Officer

Schools and youth groups

We've moved our activities online but these can be arranged to meet the specific age group, level of awareness and number of participants. These include:

  • Online talks and presentations
  • Recycling activities and games
  • Waste audits

Further details are available in our school's waste activities booklet.

Adult groups

Seminars and discussion sessions allow you to ask specific questions on all aspects of recycling and waste management.  We cannot currently visit your group but are available to meet you online at any time from Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 18:00.

  • Lunchtime talks
  • Coffee mornings
  • Fetes
  • Workplace groups

Educational resources

A range of educational materials, posters and literature is available which can be displayed in your work place or community venue.

Where your recycling goes

Visit our pages on where your recycling goes which explain what happens to the materials you separate for recycling.

Tours of Millerhill Energy-from-Waste facility

Due to COVID-19, these tours are currently suspended.

FCC Environment offer tours of the Millerhill Energy-from-Waste plant

These start in the visitor centre, visit the Control Room from where the bunker area can be seen, then the grate and lastly the condensing fans. 

For more information, email Tricia Falconer, Visitor Centre Manager.

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