My bin hasn't been collected

Brown bins

  • Stickers for the 2022 collection season are pink in colour.
  • Your bin will only be emptied if it displays a valid collection sticker.
  • If you paid for the service on or before 12 noon on 17 February, your bin sticker should have arrived.
  • Request a replacement sticker.
  • If you paid for the service after 12 noon on 17 February your bin sticker should arrive by 31 March. The first collection of your brown bin will be the next scheduled collection date after this time.

If your bin is not emptied as scheduled:

  • Leave it out. We will get to it as soon as it's safe for us to do so.
  • Avoid contacting us to report a missed collection. We are aware of the streets where we have not been able to access bins.
  • Check our service updates page

Your bin might not have been emptied if:

  • it did not display a valid collection sticker (brown bin only)
  • it was not out for collection by 6:30am
  • it was not in your designated collection point
  • access to your bin was blocked by roadworks or poorly parked cars
  • the bin lid was open
  • it is broken or damaged
  • it had the wrong things in it
  • it was too heavy to be safely moved by our collection crews

Report a missed collection

Tell us your bin is broken

As traffic issues or vehicle breakdowns may affect the time your bin is emptied, please do not report a missed collection until after 3pm.

Check our service updates page

We don't collect bags left beside bins.

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