Brown bin stickers

Sticker delivery / replacement

We will only empty your brown bin if it correctly displays a valid collection sticker.

Sign up and pay for collections in 2022

When to expect your 2022 sticker to arrive

The 2022 garden waste sticker is pink. It is valid to Friday 18 November 2022.

  • If you signed up before 01 September your sticker should have arrived
  • If it has not arrived or is damaged request a replacement sticker
  • If you signed up after 12 noon on 01 September your sticker should arrive within 6 weeks. We need this time to process your request, add your property to a collection route and arrange for your sticker to be printed and posted.

Lost brown bin

Please do not request a replacement sticker if your brown bin is lost or stolen.

Complete this form to order a replacement bin. Your sticker will be automatically ordered for you.

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