Litter and street cleaning

Report litter or fly-tipping in your area or make a request for your street to be swept.

Request street cleaning

Litter and dog waste bins

There are dog waste and litter bins in many public places for you to dispose of dog poo and litter.

We cannot place an unlimited number of these bins throughout Midlothian. Please carry your waste to the nearest bin or take it home with you.

Litter bins are emptied regularly. 

Report a full bin

Report dog fouling

Community litter picks

We can lend equipment and collect rubbish bags. Community litter picks.

Please use this form to tell us the location of lilac sacks that need to be uplifted.

Removal of dead animals

If you see a dead animal in a public place, e.g. on the street or road, tell us and we will arrange to have this cleaned up as quickly as possible.

We will not collect dead pets from households. Appropriate disposal of pets is the responsibility of the owner.

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