Litter and street cleaning

Litter/dog waste bin provision

Request for new litter/dog waste bin

Use our street cleansing form to tell us where you think a new bin for the collection of litter/dog waste should be provided.

Use relevant landmarks to detail your proposed location. For example: "Next to bus stop on High Street" or drop a pin on the map provided.

How we will assess your application

The law makes dog owners responsible for removing dog waste. The council is not required to provide facilities for collecting and disposing of dog waste. Where possible, the owner is expected to put the waste in their own bin, especially if dog walks start and finish from home.

We will assess your suggested location against these criteria:

Litter/dog waste bin assessment


  • Is the proposed site Council owned?
  • Is another organisation responsible for litter clearance/disposal in the area?
  • Could dog walkers realistically be expected to carry their dog waste home?

Accessibility of proposed site: 

  • Does it allow the bin to be on hard standing with immediate vehicle access?
  • Would the site be acceptable to neighbouring properties?


  • Is the proposed site in a litter “hot-spot”, with high intensity of use such as a busy public area, or an area of low intensity of use such as rural road?

Proximity to existing bins: 

  • Are there already litter/dog waste bins in the immediate area?
  • How far away are they?

Proximity to facilities: 

  • Is the proposed site close to a school, shops, leisure facilities, bus stops etc?

Litter monitoring: 

  • Have street cleansing staff identified the site as needing a litter/dog waste bin?

Antisocial behaviour:

  • Have litter/dog waste bins in this area been subject to antisocial behaviour/vandalism in the past? This can include wilful fire-raising.


  • Can existing staff/vehicle resources manage a new bin in the proposed site?

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