Litter and street cleaning

Community litter picks

We are extremely grateful to individuals and local groups who voluntarily undertake litter picking. We really appreciate the time you are taking and effort you are making to keep Midlothian litter free.

Thank you.

We can support your community litter pick by lending you litter grabbers, and bags to collect the litter in. There is no charge for these.

We will remove the bags at the end of your event. The litter collected will go to the Millerhill Energy-from-Waste facility and used to generate electricity and heat.

Because we need to sanitise and quarantine litter pickers after use, you may not be able to borrow items on your preferred day. Please book as early as you can.

Request help with a community litter pick

You may be able to receive gloves, tabards and help with promoting your event from Keep Scotland Beautiful.

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