Brown bin

Garden waste collection

2021 collection service

Midlothian Council continues to offer a seasonal kerbside collection of garden waste between mid-March and mid-November each year.

Brown bin collections will end in 2021 between Monday 8 and Friday 19 November - depending where your property lies in the collection cycle.

You can still sign up and pay for collections in 2021. Subscriptions will close at 12 noon on 27 September.

If you sign up to the service today, you will only receive a kerbside collection of garden waste in 2021.

  • The cost for the service in 2021 is £35.
  • Only bins displaying a valid yellow sticker will be emptied.
  • If you do not already have a brown bin. Pay for the service then request a new bin.

Sign up and pay for 2021 service

  • To allow us to process your request and redesign collection routes to include your property, it may take up to 4 weeks for your sticker to be delivered.
  • If you have not received a sticker within 4 weeks of your date of payment you must request a replacement sticker.

2022 collection service

Subscriptions to the service starting from March 2022 will open in January 2022.

Bin stickers

  • All bins must display a valid collection sticker to let our crews know to empty them.
  • If your sticker is damaged, or has not been delivered as expected, you must request a replacement.

To ensure we can empty your brown bin:

  • Use your brown bin for compostable garden waste only.
  • Do not overfill your bin. It's not safe for us to lift heavy bins.
  • Do not squash waste into your bin. Compacted material won’t fall out when the bin is tipped upside down by the collection vehicle.
  • Make sure the lid of your bin closes properly.
  • Don't put any additional garden waste next to your bin: we will not pick this up.
  • Ensure your bin is at the kerbside by 7am on your collection day.
  • The handle on the bin should face the road, and the sticker should be visible to the collection crew.

Look out for your neighbours and check they are able to put their bin out.

Can I buy the compost produced from my garden waste?

Your garden waste is taken to a local facility for composting. The resulting soil improver is available from Caledonia Horticulture.