Brown bin

Garden waste collection

The last date to sign up and pay for brown bin collections in 2019 was 12 noon on Monday 30 September.

If you paid for the service on or before 30 September, your brown bin sticker should be delivered by 11 October.

Follow the instructions on where and how to apply the sticker to the bin. We will only empty a bin with a valid sticker that's correctly displayed.

Collections are fortnightly up to mid-November.

Why can't I pay for my brown bin now?

The last collections of brown bins in 2019 fall between Monday 11 and Friday 22 November. The end of September was the last date we could guarantee that your request could be processed, your property could be added to a collection route and your sticker delivered before your last collection.

What will happen next year?

A report is due to be presented to Council on 12 November. Elected Members will then make a decision if and how the service will operate in 2020.

If the service continues in 2020, brown bin collections will re-start in March and you will be advised how to sign up and pay in early January.

I don't have a brown bin. How can I get one?

As in previous years, delivery of brown bins will be suspended over the winter period when no kerbside collections take place. If you sign up and pay for the service in 2020 a brown bin will be delivered in time for your first collection in March.

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