Brown bin

Garden waste collection 2023

We empty your brown bin fortnightly:

  • until last collection on 17 November 2023
  • if it correctly displays a 2023 collection sticker.

The collection service costs £35 per bin.

Payments are open until noon on 28 September.

Sign up and pay for garden waste collection

Temporarily closing payments lets us concentrate on sending out bin stickers and designing collection routes. Also if you sign up and pay after the initial deadline, you'll get your sticker within 4 weeks rather than up to 6 weeks.

When will my sticker arrive?

  • If you signed up on or before 10 August, your sticker should have arrived. If it has not, please let us know.
  • If you signed up since 10 August, your sticker should arrive by 1 September.

Collection dates

Collections finish on 17 November 2023. Your last collection depends on where your property lies within the collection cycle.

There are no changes to garden waste collection days.

If your brown bin was previously emptied on:

  • the same day as your grey bin,
  • or (in rural areas) the day after your grey bin,

this will continue.

Buy the compost produced from our garden waste

Your garden waste is taken to a local facility for composting. The resulting soil improver is available from Caledonian Horticulture.

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