Brown bin

Garden waste collection

Brown bin collections have now finished for 2019.

We have not offered a collection of garden waste over the winter since 2012, and there are no plans to amend this.

Please take garden waste to a Recycling Centre until kerbside collections resume in March.

What will happen next year?

A report was presented to Council on 12 November. Elected Members agreed to continue the chargeable service and keep the cost at £35 in 2020.

Brown bin collections will re-start in March 2020. You will be able to sign up and pay in early January.

I don't have a brown bin. How can I get one?

As in previous years, we will not deliver brown bins over winter when no kerbside collections take place.

If you sign up and pay for the service in 2020, we will deliver a brown bin in time for your first collection in March.

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