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Suspended service FAQs

We understand your frustration with the suspended collections. Please avoid calling us about this. Call volumes are higher than usual, and we urgently need to free up phone lines so we can support the many vulnerable people in our community. Your understanding is appreciated.

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When will the full service resume?

We don’t know.

With staff numbers depleted, we are ensuring delivery of essential and critical services.  As a result, garden waste collection, glass collection and bulky uplifts have all been suspended.

When Waste Services has a full complement of staff, we will resume suspended services.

When will I get my garden waste sticker?

When we are confident the service will resume, we will order stickers for customers who require them.

How can I sign up at the library when the libraries are closed?

You will be able to sign up in libraries when they reopen.

Will I get a refund?

We will consider reimbursing you but not until a later date.

However, please note the 14 day ‘cooling off’ period for people who are still signing up for garden waste still stands.  There will be a delay in processing refund requests.

But you have broken your contract with me. I want my money back.

We have temporarily suspended kerbside collections of garden waste. The Terms and Conditions allow us to do so in exceptional circumstances, which cover a pandemic.

There’s no point extending collections into the winter, I don’t have garden waste then.

We plan to extend the season to give you your full complement of collections. However, as this is an unprecedented public health emergency, we don’t have a definitive answer as yet as our focus must be on delivering critical services.  When we’ve got more time and resource to address this issue, we may consider other options but, as it stands, extending the season is our preferred solution.

Will you give us garden waste sacks instead?

We are delivering critical services only. We do not have the staff to offer this service or supplies of sacks.

Is coronavirus transmitted by garden waste?

We are not able to offer a scientific response to this, but we understand this is not the case.

How can I dispose of garden waste now the recycling centres are closed?

The UK government has introduced strict new measures to try and slow the spread of coronavirus. Visiting the recycling centre is not an essential journey. At the moment we are not able to provide an outlet for you to dispose of garden waste.

Could I catch coronavirus from my wheelie bin?

The Government guidance for everyone is to wipe down regularly touched surfaces and continue with frequent handwashing. Wash your hands thoroughly after handling any waste or recycling containers.

Is Council litter picking an essential activity?

At this time Council resources are being used to undertake our statutory duties.

We have a duty under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 to - as far as is practicable - keep land clear of litter and refuse.

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