Brown bin

Garden waste collection

We charge £35 per brown bin for the kerbside collection of garden waste.

A property can have a maximum of 6 bins. Read terms and conditions of garden waste collection service and how to use your brown bin

Sign up and pay for brown bin service

Collection dates

Brown bins displaying a valid collection sticker will be collected fortnightly between mid-March and mid-November.

Collections start on Monday 16 March and finish on 20 November. We will empty your brown bin 18 times fortnightly between these dates, depending on where your property lies in the collection cycle.

There are no changes to brown bin collection days:

  • If your brown bin was emptied on the same day as your grey bin, this will continue.
  • If you live in a rural area where your brown bin was emptied the day after your grey bin collection, this will continue.

Discounts and concessions

There are no concessions and no discount if you join the service part way through the collection season.

Sign up by 20 February 2020 to make sure you receive your bin sticker in time for your first collection.

If you need help signing up, drop in to your local library. If you bring your debit or credit card, library staff can guide you through the process, using your device connected to our free Wi-Fi service, or on a library computer.

No brown bin at your property

Pay for the service then request a new bin. We will check your property has paid for the service before we deliver your bin.

Bin delivery will take place in early March once the subscription period has closed.

Request a refund

Cancel service and request a refund (within 14 days of paying for service)

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