Brown bin

Extended collection season

Extended garden waste collections

Due to the suspension of the service caused by the impact of COVID-19, the kerbside garden waste collection season now finishes between 1 and 12 March 2021, depending where your property lies in the collection cycle.

We are still short of staff due to infection, isolation, and shielding of staff with underlying health conditions. We have hired more vehicles and redeployed staff from other services. This allowed us to restart your service, and there should be no further disruption to it.

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We appreciate that you have excess garden waste. We will only empty a brown bin:

  • containing compostable waste
  • if the lid is closed
  • if the weight is safe for us to move it, and for the vehicle to lift and empty it.

We will not collect any extra waste left beside the bin.

Avoid squashing garden waste into your bin. If material can’t move freely in the bin, it won’t fall out when the bin is tipped up by the collection vehicle.


As with all online purchases, you can get a refund if you cancel within 14 days of payment. No other refund or rebate is available.

Questions and answers

Why extend collections into the winter? I don’t have garden waste then.

Extending the collection season allows us to give you more than your original number of collections. Other options were considered, but this is our solution to the disruption caused by the emergency.

I can’t sign up at the library as they are still closed. Can I pay over the phone?

You will be able to sign up in libraries when they reopen. Unfortunately we cannot take telephone payments for this service.

Could I catch coronavirus from my wheelie bin?

Government guidance says to wipe down surfaces you touch regularly, and continue with frequent handwashing. Wash your hands thoroughly after handling any waste or recycling containers.

Is coronavirus transmitted by garden waste?

We can’t offer a scientific answer to this, but we understand it’s not the case.

Can I have a second brown bin?

Yes. Additional bins will be delivered following payment of the charge for an additional sticker.