Brown bin

Charges for brown bin collection

Why we are charging for collecting garden waste

Like other local authorities, our funding from central Government has been cut, and we must make difficult decisions about what we can and cannot provide. The charge for garden waste collection will help reduce our £13.5 million funding gap. The other option was to stop brown bin collections altogether.

If you don’t want to pay for collection

You can take your garden waste to a Recycling Centre. You can also compost your garden waste at home.

Continuing to recycle your garden waste helps Midlothian Council retain our high recycling rates and avoid waste disposal costs.

I don't have a brown bin

If you order a new or replacement brown bin, we will check that you have paid for the service before delivering your bin.

Isn’t the brown bin service included in my council tax?

A very small part of your Council Tax pays for emptying all bins and disposing of waste. Council Tax funds a wide range of services, and is not a direct charge for services or items.  We are legally required to collect household waste as part of this, but this does not include garden waste. Our 'infographic' factsheet gives more detail on how we spend your money (PDF).

Pull out service

If you are registered for our assisted collection service, once your have paid, your brown bin will still be pulled-out as before.

Why does my friend in another area pay less for her brown bin?

Different councils have different levels of Scottish Government funding, and different levels of Council Tax. They also have different funding gaps, and different costs for their core services. Each council can set prices for their services, e.g. use of leisure facilities, car parking or brown bin collections.

Can I have more than one brown bin?

Up to 6 brown bins can be emptied per property. The £40 charge will apply per bin.

Can I put garden waste in my grey bin instead?

The contents of the grey bins are not checked by the collection crews when they are collected. If you choose to put garden waste in your grey bin, the lid must be completely closed and the weight of the bin must not prevent easy movement by our collection staff. No side waste will be collected.

I won't be paying for this service. How do I return my brown bin?

We can take away your empty brown bin if you do not wish to pay for the service.

I won't be paying for this service. Can I keep my brown bin?

You can keep your brown bin, but we cannot repair or replace it if it's lost or damaged.

I have a small brown bin. Can I swap it for a standard size?

Yes. Please request an exchange.

I have a small brown bin. Do I get a discount?

There are no discounts or exemptions. If you wish to keep your small brown bin, the £40 charge still applies. We no longer supply small brown bins so if yours is lost, damaged or stolen it would be replaced with a standard sized bin.

Can I buy the compost produced from my garden waste?

Your garden waste is taken to a local facility for composting. The resulting soil improver is available from Caledonia Horticulture.

What happens if I move house?

Bin stickers are non-transferrable and are only valid when presented at the property for which they were originally purchased. If you move house within Midlothian or move out of Midlothian during the garden waste collection season you will not receive a refund. You may wish to ask the new occupant of your previous property for a contribution towards the cost you have paid.

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