Clinical waste

Clinical waste and health care waste disposal

We do not collect clinical waste from households or businesses.

If you have clinical waste, please contact the healthcare professional in charge of your treatment for advice. They will help you make sure it's collected and disposed of properly.

Medical / health care waste

Medical waste includes:

  • used dressings
  • stoma or catheter bags
  • incontinence pads
  • PPE such as plastic aprons or gloves used by personal care providers.

Securely bag this waste and put it in your grey bin.


  • If you have been given a sharps box, contact the organisation who provided it for advice on how to dispose of it.
  • If you do not have a sharps box, put used needles in a small milk bottle / small sturdy plastic bottle and securely replace the lid.
  • Put this bottle in your grey bin. This will go straight to our local Energy from Waste plant / incinerator.


You must not put plastic bottles containing used needles in your blue bin.

Report used needles in a public place

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