Blue bin

What doesn't go in your blue bin

Recycle it right

Recycling it right is just as important as recycling at all.

Do not use your blue bin for:

  • Plastic bags - try to reuse these when doing your shopping
  • Clothes and shoes - use your local textile recycling bank
  • Glass - glass bottles and jars go in your red box
  • Batteries - you can recycle these at many shops or at your local Recycling Centre
  • Hard plastic items such as coat-hangers, toys, plant pots, CD/DVD/video cases. These cannot be recycled. 
  • Food waste - this can be recycled in your food waste caddy
  • Garden waste - use your brown bin to dispose of garden waste
  • Electrical items - take these to your local Recycling Centre
  • Shredded paper

And put all these in your grey bin:

  • Polystyrene
  • Sweet wrappers / crisp packets
  • Food contaminated packaging such as pizza boxes
  • Toothpaste tubes
  • General household rubbish
  • Nappies

For a more comprehensive list, look at the A-Z of recycling in Midlothian.