Household waste recycling centres

Reuse Cabin

The Cabin is temporarily closed whilst we seek confirmation from our contractor that they can continue to offer this service.

Reuse at Stobhill Recycling Centre

  • The reuse cabin has re-opened for the collection of items suitable to be used for children's "learning through play."
  • We also collect adult and children's bikes in all size for reuse.
  • Please see site staff for instructions on where to donate items.
  • All items must be in a good, clean condition, free from defects, stains, pet hair, and with safety labels as required.

We accept:

  • All adult and children's bikes in a condition suitable for reuse
  • Saucepans, pots and colanders
  • Sieves and jugs
  • Cooking utensils
  • Cutlery
  • Teapots and coffee jugs
  • Kitchen utensils such as peelers, tin openers, graters, measuring spoons
  • Mugs, plates and bowls and all other crockery
  • Baking and cake trays
  • Bowls - glass, plastic or metal
  • "Tupperware" type storage containers
  • Household ornaments
  • Other household items such as laundry baskets, mirrors and pictures (no glass), suitcases.
  • Cardboard or plastic tubing or drainpipes
  • Reels
  • Logs
  • Plastic or metal drum containers
  • Crates, boxes and tubs
  • Laminate flooring

We cannot accept:

  • electrical items
  • petrol powered equipment
  • broken items
  • items with rips or tears
  • stained or wet items

We reserve the right to refuse any items due to their condition.

What happens to the items donated?

PlayBase will collect donated items, and allocate them to community organisations building "mud kitchens", or needing items for "learning through play."

If you are a local organisation who can make use of items donated, email

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